An important part of my mission in the field of Traditional skills is passing on the techniques and hard won knowledge to all those wanting to learn. I believe it is important that the wider awareness of these traditional skills does not just become a niche field. The main workshops and classes at present fall into two catagories;

  • Stained glass evening classes at Exeter College and one or two day weekend workshops at a studio in Bradninch,
  • Ecobuilding Projects the focus at present being a strawbale project in pembroke dock, Wales.

    There are plans underway to run Clay plastering masterclasses for building professionals CPD These will appear here as soon as they are confirmed.

    Feedback from students

    Stephanie K "It was a great course - highly recommended!"

    Cain H -"The course was fantastic! It was tiring for us,- we're knackered today but very pleased with what we managed to achieve with lots of patient teaching."

    Caroline - "Thanks for a great day. I really enjoyed it. I really appreciate the extra time and effort you offered. It made the whole thing a very rewarding experience for us."

    Hannah K - "Such a great couple of days, I really enjoyed it and now want to do more!"

  • Photo Gallery

    All images shown are students own work

    Dates of courses running

    Stained glass Evening classes at Exeter College .  Date to be confirmed but normally start second week of the academic term.  Enrole by contacting Exeter College and requesting an enrolement form.  This 10 week course covers the techniques of leaded glass and copper foil "tiffany" style.  Classes are on a Monday or a Tuesday and as christmas approaches are a great chance to make gifts and decorations as well. 

    Bradninch studio weekend days A one day course very much geared towards students personal interest. Tiffany style copper foil, Leaded Glass or Kiln fired Glass Painting. The next course will be in the early part of September. If you would like to attend please get in touch to express an interest. These generally cost ?65 per day inc materials and lunch.

      Ecobuilding Course

    Pembroke Dock, Pembrokeshire, Wales A chance to volunteer and learn on this course set for dates to be confirmed at the end of September. Run by Bee Rowan of Strawbuild with additional teaching by myself this has been attended by a whole range of building professionals, archaelogists, self builders, architects and more, who all find the experience of learning hands on Low carbon building techniques enriching and refreshing. Food and basic accomedation is provided and attending is highly recommended if you want a chance to quickly learn these pratical skills. To apply contact Michael Howlett at Pembroke dock Eco Houses