The process of Renovation and working with heritage buildings often involves the strengthening or replacing of timber structures as part of the building fabric This may be the like for like replacing of timbers in accordance with planning regulations or the insertion of new timberwork to accommodate changes or partitions. With a great deal of experience in this area I can offer a competent and pragmatic approach. Window repairs also have often utilised boat building techniques and materials to amazing effect avoiding the potential damage caused by full replacement. I can also provide, if required, referral to one of the top specialist timber surveyors in the country on matters of dry and wet rot and insect timber infestation. On matters of window and door replacement referral can be given  to a workshop that specialises in bespoke replacement.


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In many older homes there are numerous nooks and crannies which collect dust and serve no purpose. I have extensive experience of custom fitting 'floating' (fixing concealed) shelves in either soft or hardwood which can turn these irregular alcoves into a useful and beautiful addition to a room.