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In the last 10 years there has been a strong resurgence in the use of lime based finishes especially in the heritage sector. The advantages in using lime are many;

  • Lime is porous and 'breathable' allowing moisture levels to be in balance and preventing damp build up
  • It is the traditional finish for most heritage building so has been encouraged by the planning authorities
  • It has a longer 'open' time, setting more slowly and bonding better with the fabric of the building
  • It is softer and more flexible than cement or gypsum based renders and plasters allowing some movement of the building without cracking
  • The addition of hair (or modern glass fibre) creates a material with strength rather than the brittle hardness of cement
  • Acoustically it creates a 'warmer' sound rather than the hard echo than comes from gypsum plaster


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    In terms of damp control replacing with lime plasters often, over time, effectively removes issues of damp by allowing the moisture to escape and balance out. Trying to trap or block the damp using waterproof tanking or damp proof injection is often not successful, especially in cob or stone buildings and often forces the moisture to emerge elsewhere.

    It is worth remembering that the decorated paint finish is of equal importance in allowing moisture to escape. Traditional lime wash and modern silicate and clay based paints have a vital role in maintaining breathability. Advice can be offered on the best paint to use if decorating is to be completed by the home owner or a third party.


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